Quality Monitor™






  • Reduced to the essential

  • Production ready monitoring concept

  • Simple and efficient user interface

  • Optional user interface integration into molding  machine display

  • Easy to operate

  • Flow-Hold-Cool Concept

  • Good / Bad Part Separation

  • Envelope and Quality Parameter Monitoring

  • Viscosity monitoring

  • Automatic switchover to Hold

  • Modular amplifier system

  • Integrated IoT Interface (OPC-UA)

  • Integrated pressure and temperature amplifier

  • Simple interfacing to external MES systems

  • Cost effective connection to the molding machine

  • Display on every browser based device

The melt flow in the cavity... an essential parameter for the final quality of the plastic parts. PRIAMUS sensors auto- matically detect the melt at the sensor position while the Quality Monitor™ displays the real fill times as bar graphs.

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The Quality Monitor    provides...


...different summary graphs on the status of the monitored part quality. Over different periods of time it displays the amount of rejects in total and the amount  of rejects depending on the process phase (Flow-Hold-Cool).


The Flow-Hold-Cool concept... based on real measuring data. It explains the cause, why a plastic part has been rejected. Recurring errors wit-hin the same process phase can thus be detected and eliminated.

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Cavity pressure and cavity temperature...

...are the two key monitoring parameters in the industrial injection molding process. Consistent part quality can only be guaranteed if both parameters are monitored. The two parameters also build the base for monitoring of the melt viscosity during injection.

Meet the Dream Team...


...get the complete package in-cluding Quality Monitor™ Data Acquisition Unit, QScreen® Capacitive Touch Display, Multicolor LED Signal Lamp and connecting cable (7081A-QM)

The Quality Monitor   

user interface...


...can be displayed on any browser on a web-enabled device (e. g. smart phones, tablets, laptops or machine user interfaces).

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